Rooted in the Community Connecting Guests to nature and the locale.



Terra: land & earth 


Amor: love & affection


Terramor represents a love of the land — a thoughtfully luxurious experience that celebrates local culture and accentuates the natural beauty of the landscape.


Terramor connects guests to nature and local communities both on-site and off, with a respect for sustainability and culture guiding us throughout every moment, big and small.




At Terramor, our goal is to connect people to nature and the local communities around us. When introducing the Terramor experience to a destination, one of the most important processes is ensuring that we create a small footprint with minimal environmental impact.


From locally sourced food to the use of native plants and building materials, we’re committed preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us. Extensive archaeological and historical reports help us to guarantee that we’re not causing any unintentional damage to the great outdoors.


We also look to experts in our communities for guidance — after all, they’re the ones who have worked tirelessly over the decades to protect these essential natural resources. Terramor collaborates extensively with local individuals and small businesses to provide guests with authentic and educational experiences that respect the environment and celebrate culture.



Terramor delivers measurable economic impact on communities. Thirty percent of all employees are locally based, with significant opportunities for career growth. The resort doesn’t add to the housing crisis — 60 to 80 percent of all employees are housed on-property.


The brand also develops strong relationships with local nonprofits, who help take our guests deeper into the world of our communities, educating them about the surrounding areas and its residents.


Each meal is an experience here — one that further connects guests to the community. Terramor’s food & beverage offerings maintain a local-first mindset, with a locally sourced, seasonally focused menu and coffee, beers and spirits from local vendors.


Terramor fits perfectly in small communities. When the resort came into Bar Harbor, it was a perfect marriage.

They’re unique in that they have a strong brand but they’re flexible enough to partner with small businesses in the community.


I love that Terramor has been doing special events in Bar Harbor, using the space not only for leisure but for education. The founders of Acadia National Park wanted it to be not only a playground,

but also a place for education and science, beyond just enjoying these beautiful landscapes. Terramor is going above and beyond in that respect.


Jennifer Litteral, Coffee Hound


As a small business and solo entrepreneur, Terramor has been invaluable to me in getting my name out there.

Working with the resort has been 110 percent mutually beneficial from my perspective.

Terramor has gone above and beyond to promote my services to their guests and to connect with me on a human level.

They’ve been an awesome partner. I can’t speak highly enough how grateful I am for the relationship.


– Kareem A. Dieng, Rising Sun Adventure Tours

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