Stargazing in Bar Harbor Where stars, planets and celestial bodies present themselves

Maine is known for many things, and its beautiful views of the night sky is one of them. Constellations, stars, planets and celestial bodies present themselves on clear nights at Terramor Outdoor Resort.

Join fellow travelers for the best stargazing in New England, just steps from your sophisticated outdoor accommodations. Discover why so many amateur and professional astronomers plan regular journeys to take in the skies near Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.

Maine Offers Exceptional Stargazing in New England

If you've traveled up and down the East Coast of America, you know how busy many seaside towns have become. In fact, lights from developments, commercial buildings and cities often make stargazing difficult.

Light pollution is not a problem at Terramor Outdoor Resort. We are located about 20 miles from Bar Harbor and only five miles from Acadia National Park. This puts us in a prime location to provide unfettered visual access to everything in the heavens.

Check out the waxing or waning moon. Find the North Star and its surrounding constellations. Watch a meteor shower. Tell your family the stories that go along with all those pictures in the sky. You never have to worry that nearby lights will mar an evening of pure relaxation.

Get All the Perks of Stargazing at Terramor Outdoor Resort

What makes stargazing at Terramor a one-of-a-kind experience? We've taken steps to make sure you have the supplies and opportunities you need to create memorable moments gazing at stars, planets and other astronomical objects:

  • Terramor has partnered with Celestron to provide complimentary telescopes for our guests. These seamlessly connect to most smartphones, enabling you to easily find objects in the night sky. 
  • We provide periodic pop-up stargazing events. Terramor will hosts onsite stargazing events featuring lectures from local night sky experts using our Celestron telescopes. These events are informative, educational and entertaining for the whole family.
  • We have partnered with Nemo Equipment to supply Stargaze Luxury Chairs to any of our guests through our Gear Lending station, so you can view the night sky in comfort. 

Learn more about the fascinating world of astronomy when you stay at Terramor. Who knows? Your glamping stargazing adventure might lead to a new-found hobby for you and your family.

The Stars are Brighter Here.

If you're a stargazing aficionado, schedule a visit to Terramor Outdoor Resort. You will be able to experience the best stargazing in Bar Harbor and see all the wonders available in the skies.

Make your reservation for the perfect stargazing stay today. Booking with us is as easy as arranging your arrival and departure online. So take a seat, and begin your stargazing journey.


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