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The Terramor online news and media room shares updated news and information about Terramor Outdoor Resort, along with various resources and images for members of the working news media.

Image Requests

To request high res photos, please contact Terramor@allisonpr.com

Media Stay Requests 

Hosted or discounted media stays at Terramor Bar Harbor are intended to provide active, credentialed journalists with an opportunity to experience and cover the property. Requests will be evaluated by the PR team on a case-by-case basis based on proposed story topic and reach. Freelance writers/reporters may be asked to provide proof of their assignment from their assigning editor(s). Sales and/or promotions staff within media organizations will not be granted discounted or hosted stays. 

Qualifying members of the news media are asked to email the PR team with as much notice as possible to request a hosted or discounted stay. As a seasonal property, Terramor accommodations can book out several months in advance. Requests for discounts or hosted stays are not guaranteed. 

Social Media Influencer Stay Requests 

Similar to members of the media, social media influencers who request hosted or discounted stays will be evaluated on an individual basis. Followers, engagement, content relevancy and audience demographics will all be evaluated in determining approval. All social media influencers must agree to a specific volume of content output in advance of their stay, and provide access to their back-end analytics for measurement purposes. Please contact the PR team via email with your request(s)

Terramor Media Team - terramor@allisonpr.com

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