Is there anything better than the sweet, tangy taste of a fresh blueberry? From buttery scones and warm pancakes to unique wines and ales, blueberries are among the most delicious and versatile fruits. Today’s blueberry enthusiasts have found endless uses for this foodie-favorite fruit, and there is no better place to experience those flavors than Maine.

Whether you are picking your own at a local farm or relaxing with a slice of homemade pie, here is everything you need to know about Maine’s favorite berry.


Maine is the largest blueberry producer in the world, thanks to the naturally acidic soil found in mountainous regions that once housed ancient glaciers. There are several different types of blueberry plants, and some fields have nearly 1,500 variations per field.

Wild blueberries are native to Maine, and they grow where they can thrive. These growing conditions allow wild blueberries to develop a slightly acidic, mildly sweet flavor that lends itself perfectly to desserts.

Maine is the best place to get delicious blueberry delights, including:

  • Blueberry pie: As Maine’s official state dessert, no blueberry tour of the state is complete without a slice of handmade Maine blueberry pie. If you have never enjoyed wild blueberry pie, you are in for a treat. Unlike pies made with shipped or frozen berries, Maine’s fresh, wild blueberry pies are bursting with a unique flavor you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Blueberry pastries and breakfasts: Take an early morning stroll down any of Maine’s city streets, and you will be met with the smells of blueberry scones, cakes and bread, courtesy of local bakers. Whether you dine in the finest high-end brunch restaurant or a charming roadside diner, you are also sure to find blueberry breakfast staples, like pancakes, waffles and muffins.
  • Ales, wines and other beverages: Blueberries are not just for food — you can drink them, too! Maine creatives have found numerous ways to infuse blueberry into sodas, ales, coffees, smoothies, lemonades, milkshakes and even Maine blueberry wine.
  • Jams and sauces: Head to local farmers’ markets, small grocers and roadside stands for blueberry-inspired jams, hot sauces, syrups and salsas to take home or stock up for the perfect holiday gift.

You can also indulge in delicious, chef-prepared dishes like handmade blueberry pie and seasonal blueberry cocktails while relaxing in the beauty of Maine’s outdoors at Terramor Outdoor Resort.


Visit Maine to learn more about how farmers grow and harvest blueberries, indulge in delicious blueberry dishes and attend special events to celebrate the state’s favorite berry.

Pick-Your-Own Farms

Maine is full of large and small blueberry farms, and many of them are open for public tours and pick-your-own events. These tours and events give you an inside look at the planting process and are a great way to meet the farmers behind the famed crop. Many pick-your-own farms also have on-site stores or stands, where you can purchase blueberry-infused goods and handmade treats. Though most farmers harvest blueberries at the end of summer, the farms are a beautiful place to tour year-round. In the fall, the blueberry plants’ leaves turn a vivid red, creating a fiery sea of color that stretches on for miles.

Some of the best blueberry farms near Terramor Outdoor Resort are Hog Bay Berries and Shalom Orchard Organic Farm and Winery. Both are in Franklin, ME — just a short trip from Mount Desert Island:

  • Hog Bay Berries: Though it is not a pick-your-own farm, you can find some of the region’s best no-spray berries at Hog Bay Berries. Buy them fresh or place an order for some frozen ones to take home with you.
  • Shalom Orchard Organic Farm and Winery: Shalom Orchard Organic Farm and Winery holds an annual Wild Maine Blueberry Harvest where you can rake your own fresh blueberries. During the rest of the year, stop by for a tour or sample some of their decadent organic wine made with produce grown on-site.

Once you have returned with your fresh-picked blueberry harvest, try your hand at some of Maine’s iconic dishes, toss them in with your favorite cereal or save them for an easy, indulgent snack.

Restaurants and Bakeries

You will be hard-pressed to dine at any restaurant or bakery in Maine and not find blueberries somewhere on the menu. You already know that Maine bakeries are the place to go for handmade pastries and pies, but restaurants have found so many inventive ways to include blueberries in their sweet and savory dishes, too.

One of the best Maine destinations for delicious blueberry food is Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island. This small, vibrant town borders the breathtaking Acadia National Forest and entices thousands of tourists and locals throughout the year. You’ll find some of the most popular blueberry menu items at the following Bar Harbor establishments:

  • West Street Cafe: West Street Cafe’s blueberry pie is what some would call the best blueberry pie in Bar Harbor — and what others might call the best blueberry pie in Maine.
  • Atlantic Brewing: For a fresh take on the classic blueberry taste, unwind with a sip of blueberry ale at Atlantic Brewing. This popular Bar Harbor blueberry ale is a perfectly balanced blend of beer and subtle, not-too-sweet blueberry flavor, perfect for those who crave the signature blueberry taste but want a little more kick.
  • Mount Desert Island Ice Cream: Blueberries and buttermilk sherbet — need we say more? On a warm summer day, you will not find anything more satisfying than a large scoop — or two — of blueberry buttermilk sherbet from Mount Desert Island Ice Cream. They even have a tasty blueberry basil sorbet for vegan visitors.
  • Jordan’s Restaurant: Nobody wears Maine blueberries with as much pride as Jordan’s Restaurant. The eatery is dedicated to showcasing Maine blueberries whenever possible, including in their famous homestyle blueberry pancakes with wild blueberry syrup and hearty blueberry muffins.

Destinations and Festivals

Celebrate all things blueberry at a Maine blueberry festival or destination. Many of the same farms that hold pick-your-own events also host annual festivals celebrating the crop. The most famous Blueberry celebration is the Machias Wild Blueberry Festival in Machias, which is about an hour and a half from Terramor and Mount Desert Island — perfect for a day trip.

The event takes place each year, featuring things like:

  • A blueberry pie-eating contest.
  • Blueberry pancake breakfasts.
  • A blueberry dessert buffet.
  • Fish fries and lobster rolls.
  • Comedy shows.
  • Craft and artisan vendors.
  • Cooking and design contests.
  • Music and parades.
  • Blueberry farm tours.

For an even more blueberry-centric experience, head to Wild Blueberry Land in Columbia Falls, about an hour’s journey from Mount Desert Island and your Terramor site. A blueberry tour of Maine is incomplete without a visit to this eclectic, blue-hued destination, where you are greeted with buildings and statues shaped like blueberries. A family of farmers owns and operates the 220-acre property, and they are passionate about celebrating the blueberry and educating others about its important history and diversity. They do this through their blueberry landscape, museum, gift shop — and, of course, a bakery featuring made-from-scratch blueberry pies, ice cream, pastries, jams, sauces and more.


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