Acadia Saltwater Immersion

Submerse Yourself in Nature


Experience the healing powers of nature with our new Acadia Saltwater Immersion program. Cold water plunges have been shown to have positive effects on recovery after exercise while also improving cognitive function and mood. Whether you plan your immersion the morning after a long hike to assist in the rehabilitation of your muscles or wish to start your vacation with a plunge to improve your overall wellbeing, our Acadia Saltwater Immersion is designed to elevate your adventure.

Each Immersion Includes:

  • 2 Hour Guided Experience
  • Signature Hot Tea After Immersion
  • Park Admission

Take the journey with our trained Outfitters to a secluded beach in Acadia National Park and choose to immerse yourself in the Atlantic saltwater or corresponding seascape pools.

Water is Life in Acadia

Acadia National Park is known for it’s seascapes and rocky shores, but the park is also home to 14 natural ponds and lakes known as Great Ponds, and 10 smaller ponds. Lakes and ponds cover more than 7% of the park’s 50,000 acres. These ponds are freshwater holding tanks, capturing rainwater and melted snow. They play a crucial role in the health of the island’s ecosystem.

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A Dip Into the Past

While cold water plunges have become a popular activity in recent years, cold water immersion has been practiced by humans for centuries. Ancient Greeks utilized cold water therapies for relaxation and health benefits. Hippocrates stated cold “water can cure everything” in his work titled “On airs, waters and places.”

Today, cold water therapy is used most commonly to reduce inflammation and to rehabilitate muscles after a strenuous workout. It is also cited to improve mental health and cognitive behaviors, when performed safely. Terramor’s approach to cold water immersion includes a slow dip into natural water elements. Water temperatures vary between 40 – 50 degrees depending on the weather and seasonality. Two water sources have been selected to ensure safety. One offers participants a dip into the Atlantic Ocean, while the other offers a slow dip into a nearby freshwater pool connected to a brook or river. Both will leave the guest feeling refreshed and invigorated.

An Invigorating Escape

Elevate your vacation and connect to nature. Terramor Outdoor Resort provides you with an opportunity to truly getaway from the everyday stresses of life. Find solace on a mountain trail in Acadia National Park, or spend your morning with a cup of coffee and a good book, fireside. Whatever your vacation goals, Terramor is excited to welcome you to the outdoors of Maine.

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